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The 13 Pet Geists!   Quirky, playful, lovable animal ghosts!

GEIST Junior takes young players aged 4 and up on a wild journey to meet the 13 adorable Pet Geists.  It is the most fun and imaginative children's game yet!

GEIST Junior is the first combination puzzle and board game, with 4 different puzzles for 4 times the fun!

A real treat for young players!
Kids love animals.
Kids love puzzles.
Kids love stickers.
Kids love to color.
Kids love to race.  
GEIST Junior has it all!


Read all about the 13 Pet Geists in the companion book "The 13 Pet Geists"

You’re off to the Geist Reserve, the enchanted afterlife home for animals!  Here, the 13 Pet Geists live, work and play together.  They cook, sew, sing and build, just like you and me.  But everyday is a crazy day with these high-spirited animal ghosts.  Whether they’re playing together or visiting the living animals they call the “Livies”, wacky things can happen, and usually do. The 13 Pet Geists are so much fun they’ll become your favorite pet ghosts!

"The 13 Pet Geists" is the companion book to GEIST Junior, the new children's boardgame from the publisher of GEIST.  Thirteen fun-to-read-stories bring the animal ghosts from the game to life.  This hardcover children's book has over 50 glossy pages featuring stunning 3-D artwork and delightful rhymes.  "The 13 Pet Geists" is a new children's classic that will be handed down for generations.


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